Cleanroom technology is used in the manufacturing of sterile and ultra-clean products and devices. This technology is based on the use of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters as well as engineering and procedural controls to provide a contamination-free environment in a determined area. NASA engineered and perfected this technology during the early stages of the manned space rockets program in the 1960’s.

In 1991, Phoenix Biomedical built a cleanroom facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada to produce aseptically assembled Petri dishes. In 2013, the company designed and built a brand-new manufacturing cleanroom facility in Murcia, Spain to continue producing its sterile Petri dishes with the same stringent quality control. Phoenix has the capacity to manufacture over 200 million plates per year in its microbiologically controlled facility. Major distributors, diagnostic device manufacturers, health care providers and research institutions in many countries worldwide purchase these Petri dishes. Phoenix Biomedical adheres strictly to all GMP requirements and is ISO 9001 registered.


From a quality point of view, aseptically assembled dishes are indistinguishable from terminally sterilized Petri dishes. However, aseptically manufactured dishes have the added advantage of being free from chemical residuals produced by some sterilization processes that may inhibit the growth of fastidious microorganisms. Equally important, unlike those produced without the advantage of the HEPA filter, the dishes are now particulate-free. The manufacturing process for Phoenix Biomedical’s aseptically assembled dishes is also environmentally-preferable. No ozone-depleting substances or any other adverse health and environmental effects are produced.


Phoenix Biomedical cleanroom facilities are ISO Class 5 soft-walled rooms. Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art (HEPA) filters. Process and product conformance are assured by controls and procedures outlined in our extensive Environmental Monitoring Program. More importantly is the air cleanliness, temperature and relative humidity control and rigorous clean floors.


This is the key Program behind the successful functioning of Phoenix Biomedical cleanrooms. It was created by expert engineers and microbiologists of the company. All its aspects are described in well-documented protocols and incorporate various tests performed to recognized standards (US Pharmacopoeia, ISO 14644). All protocols and acceptance limits as defined in the Program are strictly adhered to.

High-tech equipments such as the Handheld Aerotrak Particle Counter and the Merck MAS-100 Microbiological Air Sampler, are used to monitor airborne particulate. Thanks to the Program, our air cleanliness levels are much stricter than as per the relevant guidelines. Product sterility testing is regularly performed by an independent microbiological laboratory. Sterility Certificates are issued for each lot manufactured and are retained in our master file. The certificates are forwarded to our valued customers upon request.

The training of all clean room operators is based on the Microbiological Monitoring and Control Program. After the initial comprehensive sessions in its procedures, the operators undergo continued on-the-job training.

The Program is the main reason behind the superior quality of our Petri dishes and its details are considered a trade secret.